Audio Dime Museum: Carnivale

From the Just A Story team, comes a bi-weekly, serialized experimental storytelling podcast which explores historical legends through the artifacts on display in the Audio Dime Museum. Part guided tour, part radio drama; each episode presents the curious story of one object from the collection. Meet your guide on this journey, The Curator, and learn her secrets as you delve into the world of possibility, magic and the unknown. Merging the suspenseful style of mystery with the conventions of ghost stories and the peculiarity that only historical fact can provide, this podcast is not for the faint of heart. Please begin at the beginning, with the *PROLOGUE* and proceed through the collection accordingly. Unlike most stories, this one does not improve when listened to in reverse. Volume 2 will have new stories in a new location: The Carnivale
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Audio Dime Museum: Carnivale

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May 1, 2016

You've broken your promise to the Curator, and returned to explain mysterious occurrences. You're surprised to be introduced to her old friend, and learn the story of his creator. Entering the world of vaudeville, spiritualism and the technological innovation that marked the earliest part of the twentieth century, we learn about magic in this new age from a fitting ambassador, the Great Joseffy. 

---If you are a new listener, please start with the prologue -----

Score: The Illusionist by Phillip Glass

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